"Alfred H. Read" pilot boat disaster, River Mersey, 28th December 1917 [Complete]

"Alfred H. Read" pilot boat disaster, River Mersey, 28th December 1917 [Complete]

Aiming to link together the men on board pilot boat no. 1 "Alfred H. Road" on 28th December 1917, the day it was sunk by a mine. According to a local newspaper report, 43 men were on board, with just two survivors: apprentice John R. SWEETMAN and Marconi operator Edward BECKETT. Working list of the deceased (alph. order): Army (3) R.G.A. Signaller CHAPPLE William Charles; R.G.A. Signaller HARRIS Sydney Gilbert; R.G.A. Signaller LANGHELT Charles William Navy (3) Lieut. R.N.V.R. (Pilot) BARNARD Charles Henry; Lieut. R.N.V.R. POOLE Walter Croker; Sub-Lt. (Pilot) WILLIAMS Richard Civi? (1) Wireless Operator WADE J.; Merchant Navy (34) Pilot First Class ANKERS Albert Edward.; Pilot First Class BIRCHALL James; Pilot Third Class BRODIE William; Donkeyman CAIN James; Second Class Pilot CAMERON John Frederick James; Pilot Second Class CLIMO Norman William; Donkeyman COLLISTER John; Pilot Second Class CROSS James Henry; 1st Engineer CUBBIN William George; Boathand DAVIES Alfred; Pilot First Class DURRANT Robert James; Boathand FOULKES Frank; Pilot Third Class FREEMAN Edgar Stephen; Boathand GREEN John R.; Boathand HARRIES Eric Clements; Boathand HAWKINS Joseph (Joe); Boathand HIATT Alfred H.; Pilot Apprentice HOLDEN Thomas; Pilot First Class JONES James Fisher; Pilot First Class KNOWLER Alfred Alexander McDonald.; Pilot First Class LEVER Albert James; 1st Master LEWIS John; Apprentice Pilot PEARCE Frederick W.; Pilot First Class PENNEY Frederick William Treneman; Boathand PRICE John Yates; Boathand PRIOR Charles (Charley) J.; Donkeyman PUGHE Thomas Kirkham; Pilot First Class RAWSON Henry (Harry); 2nd Master ROGERS Frederick; Pilot First Class TAGGART Robert; Pilot First Class TIBBELLS Henry (Harry) M.; 2nd Engineer TURNER William; Cook WALLEY Alfred C.; Pilot First Class WOOKEY James. There is an Alexander Donaldson listed in Liverpool Echo news report, but he is listed as steward of S.S. Adela on CWGC. Alfred A. M. JONES and J. T. CALLISTER on CWGC are likely errors.

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  • Born 1887

    Died 1917

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