Ramsgate Remembers its sailors and fishermen

Ramsgate Remembers its sailors and fishermen

Thanet, in its unique position at the south-eastern tip of England, where the North Sea meets the English Channel, has always been of strategic importance in naval warfare. The threat from German submarines soon became apparent, when on the last day of October 1914 HMS Hermes was torpedoed in the Dover Straits. When the Admiralty ordered in December 1914 that there was to be no fishing between Cromer and Portland Bill many of Thanet’s fishermen relocated to Brixham in Devon. Many other local fishermen took part in the Dover Patrol preventing German ships and submarines from using the English Channel to reach the Atlantic Ocean. Based at Dover and Dunkirk, the Dover Patrol assembled all kinds of vessels from cruisers to paddle-minesweepers. Apart from carrying out anti-submarine patrols the ships escorted merchantmen carrying troops, wounded soldiers, supplies and munitions across the Channel. They also worked hard laying sea-mines and constructing mine barrages. The families of trawler skippers received some financial assistance but money was always in short supply. Fourteen Ramsgate fishermen died at the hands of German U-Boats and over forty Ramsgate fishing smacks were lost, a big blow to the local economy.Many other local lads who were used to handling boats joined the Royal Navy or the Merchant Navy.

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  • Born 1896

    Died 1918

    Royal Navy K43864 Stoker 2nd Class HMS "Pembroke II"

    Royal Navy K43684 Stoker 2nd Class H.M.S. "Cassandra"

  • Born 1882

    Died 1914

    Royal Navy Ordinary Seaman HMS Royal Arthur

    Royal Navy 195662 Able Seaman HMS Good Hope

  • Profile picture for Alfred Fletcher Coplestone-Boughey

    Born 1883

    Died 1916

    Royal Navy Commander HMS Defence

  • Profile picture for John Edward Solley

    Born 1885

    Died 1917

    Royal Navy 218962

    Royal Navy 218962 Able Seaman HMS Vanguard

  • Profile picture for Arthur Howe

    Born 1879

    Royal Navy 293827

  • Born 1897

    Died 1917

    Royal Navy J22394 Able Seaman HMS Vanguard

  • Born 1893

    Royal Navy M2966

  • Born 1868

    Died 1914

    Royal Navy 126189 Leading Seaman (Petty Officer Coast Guard) HMS Monmouth

  • Born 1894

    Died 1916

    Royal Navy Acting Assistant Paymaster

    Royal Navy Assistant Paymaster HMS Indefatigable

  • Profile picture for George Lewis Booker

    Born 1877

    Died 1918

    Royal Navy 295851

  • Profile picture for Walter Flintham

    Born 1891

    Died 1917

    Royal Navy 239183 Boy 2nd Class HMS Ganges

    Royal Navy 239183 Leading Seaman H.M.T.B. "4." H.M.T.B. "4."

  • Born 1892

    Died 1915

    Royal Navy J4366

    Royal Navy J/4366(CH). Leading Seaman H.M.S. "Natal."

  • Profile picture for John Bruce Or Johnny Heyworth

    Born 1895

    Died 1917

    Royal Navy J17840

    Royal Navy J/17840 Able Seaman H.M.T.B. "4." H.M.T.B. "4."

  • Profile picture for Stanley Victor John Beer

    Born 1897

    Died 1917

    Royal Navy J20874 Boy 2nd Class HMS Impregnable

    Royal Navy J20874 Boy 1st Class HMS Impregnable

    Royal Navy J20874 Able Seaman HMS Ajax

  • Born 1897

    Died 1915

    Royal Navy J20654 Ord. Seaman HMS Natal

  • Born 1896

    Died 1915

    British Army G/4953 Private East Kent Regiment

    British Army G/4953 Private East Kent Regiment 2nd Battalion

  • Profile picture for Henry Thornton Cleare

    Born 1886

    Died 1916

    Royal Navy M267

    Royal Navy Mate(E) HMS BLACK PRINCE

  • Born 1880

    Died 1914

    Royal Navy Captain Royal Marines - HMS BULWARK

  • Born 1889

    Died 1916

    Royal Navy 15085 Corporal Royal Marine Light Infantry: Portsmouth Division: HMS BLACK PRINCE

  • Profile picture for George Barranger

    Born 1884

    Died 1914

    British Army L/7149 Private East Kent Regiment 1st Battalion

    British Army L/7149 Private The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)