HMS Thunderer at the Battle of Jutland

HMS Thunderer at the Battle of Jutland

HMS Thunderer was an Orion-class Battleship in the 2nd Battle Squadron under Vice Admiral Jerram. During the battle, she engaged the High Seas Fleet briefly, firing only 37 rounds of 13.5" shells. She incurred no damage or casualties. This community aims to include all those who served in Thunderer at Jutland. To share, or request, information, please email: gerrycostellofww[at]

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  • Born 1890

    British Army Lieutenant Royal Army Medical Corps

    Royal Navy Surgeon HMS THUNDERER

  • Born 1893

    Royal Navy Naval Instructor HMS THUNDERER

  • Born 1888

    Died 1979

    Royal Navy Assistant Paymaster Royal Naval Reserve - HMS THUNDERER

  • Born 1895

    Royal Navy K18464

  • Born 1895

    Royal Navy K18445

  • Born 1894

    Royal Navy K19197 Leading Stoker HMS Thunderer

  • Born 1895

    Royal Navy L5091

  • Born 1897

    Royal Navy L7382

  • Born 1895

    Royal Navy L6544

  • Born 1895

    Royal Navy M19625

  • Born 1884

    Royal Navy 347195

  • Born 1871

    Died 1949

    Royal Navy Staff Surgeon HMS MINERVA

    Royal Navy Fleet Surgeon HMS THUNDERER

    Royal Navy RFA Maine

  • Born 1895

    Royal Navy 16776 Royal Marine Light Infantry: Portsmouth Division

    Royal Navy PO/16776 HMS THUNDERER

    Royal Navy PO/16776 Private 4th Royal Marine Battalion

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    Born 1893

    Died 1919

    Royal Navy K12449 Stoker 2nd Class HMS Vivid II

    Royal Navy K12449 Stoker 1st Class HMS Thunderer

    Royal Navy K12449 Leading Stoker L55

  • Born 1876

    Died 1963

    Royal Navy 178370 Petty Officer (NS) HMS Thunderer

  • Born 1893

    Royal Navy SS113264 Stoker 1st Class HMS THUNDERER

  • Born 1896

    Royal Navy K23364 Stoker 1st Class HMS THUNDERER

  • Born 1879

    Royal Navy 193926 Able Seaman HMS THUNDERER

  • Born 1893

    Royal Navy K13823 Leading Stoker HMS THUNDERER

  • Born 1878

    Royal Navy 341290 Plumber HMS THUNDERER