HMS Marlborough at the Battle of Jutland

HMS Marlborough at the Battle of Jutland

HMS Marlborough was an 'Iron Duke Class' battleship. She was the flagship of Cecil Burney and under the command of George Parish Ross. During the battle a torpedo from SMS Wiesbaden hit Marlborough near the starboard diesel generator room eventually forcing her to withdraw from further action. The damage to Marlborough was repaired by early August. This Community will identify all those that served onboard Marlborough at Jutland.

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  • Born 1885

    Royal Navy 309303

  • Born 1887

    Royal Navy Z/5614 Royal Naval Division

  • Born 1888

    Royal Navy Z/2831 Royal Naval Division

  • Born 1895

    Royal Navy Z/5008 Royal Naval Division

  • Born 1896

    Royal Navy Z/308 Royal Naval Division

  • Born 1884

    Royal Navy Z/4874 Royal Naval Division

  • Born 1895

    Royal Navy Z/1465 Royal Naval Division

  • Royal Navy Engineer Commander

  • Royal Navy Chaplain HMS Marlborough

  • Born 1893

    Royal Navy 2/2483 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

    Royal Navy 2/2483 RNVR Clyde - HMS Marlborough

  • Royal Navy X 602 Seaman Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve - HMS Marlborough

  • Profile picture for Percy William Homan

    Born 1879

    Royal Navy PLY/8678 Sergeant Royal Marine Light Infantry

  • Profile picture for Edmund Percy Fenwick George Grant

    Born 1867

    Died 1952

    Royal Navy Captain

  • Born 1897

    Royal Navy J23480

  • Born 1896

    Royal Navy J23191

  • Born 1897

    Royal Navy J23189

  • Born 1897

    Royal Navy J23216

  • Born 1897

    Royal Navy J24360

  • Born 1897

    Royal Navy J24511

  • Born 1897

    Royal Navy J23705