HM Submarine L55

HM Submarine L55

HMS L55 was a 'L' class submarine laid down on 21 September 1917 and was commissioned on 19 December 1918. She was sunk in the Baltic in June 1919 by Bolshevik forces while serving as part of the Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War. She was salvaged by the Soviets in 1928 and the remains of the crew were returned to the British. The crew were subsequently buried in a communal grave at Haslar Royal Naval Cemetery in Portsmouth. This community remembers the crew.

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  • Profile picture for Herbert Crook

    Born 1892

    Died 1919

    Royal Navy J4894 Boy 1st Class HMS Ganges II

    Royal Navy J4894 Boy 2nd Class HMS Ganges II

    Royal Navy J4894 Ordinary Seaman HMS Hannibal

  • Profile picture for William Parnell

    Born 1891

    Died 1919

    Royal Navy K5042 Acting Stoker Petty Officer Hm Submarine L55