My Favourite Life Stories

My Favourite Life Stories

A random community for those with stories I've worked on, or just stumbled upon, that I find particularly interesting for some reason.

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  • Profile picture for William Barnsley Allen

    Born 1892

    Died 1933

    British Army Lieutenant Royal Army Medical Corps 3rd West Riding Field Ambulance

    British Army Major Royal Army Medical Corps

    British Army Captain Royal Army Medical Corps

  • Profile picture for Charlotte A.k.a. Lottie Dod

    Born 1871

    Died 1960

    Other Empire Force Member Voluntary Aid Detachment Chelsea V.A.D. Hospital

    Other Empire Force Voluntary Aid Detachment

  • Profile picture for Taffy The Fourth

    Died 1915

    British Army The Regimental Goat Welsh Regiment 2nd Battalion

    British Army The Regimental Goat Welsh Regiment 2nd Battalion

  • Profile picture for Annie Louise Piggott

    Born 1885

    Died 1918

    Air Force (RAF/RFC) 7249 Women’s Royal Air Force

    British Army 8054 Member Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps

  • Born 1896

    Died 1985

    British Army 871545 Royal Artillery C.D.A.A. (Coastal Defence Anti Aircraft)

    British Army 871545 Warrant Officer II Royal Artillery

    British Army B/19434 Private Royal Fusiliers 26th Battalion

  • Profile picture for Alexander Murray 'sandy' Fleming

    Born 1885

    Died 1954

    Royal Navy 9276 DA Deckhand Royal Navy Reserve - H.M.T. "Gwenllian" FY 544

    Royal Navy 9276 DA Deckhand Royal Naval Reserve

    Royal Navy DA 9276 Deck Hand Royal Naval Reserve