Links to the Tolpuddle Martyrs

Links to the Tolpuddle Martyrs

Descendants (and their relatives) of the Tolpuddle Martyrs who served in WW1. Contact: [email protected]

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  • Profile picture for Ernest William Loveless

    Born 1889

    Died 1957

    British Army 19709 Private Durham Light Infantry 3rd Battalion

  • Born 1884

    Died 1946

    Royal Navy 1034EA Royal Naval Reserve

    Royal Navy Engineer Lieutenant Royal Naval Reserve - HMS Q5 (Farnborough)

  • Profile picture for Stephen Loveless

    Born 1881

    Died 1931

    British Army Sergeant Chorley PALS

  • Profile picture for James Loveless

    Born 1895

    Died 1916

    Royal Navy 5900S Stoker HMS Warspite

    Royal Navy 5900S Stoker HMS Warspite 5th Battle Squadron

    Royal Navy S 5900 Stoker Royal Naval Reserve

  • Profile picture for William Loveless

    Born 1882

    Died 1915

    British Army 7588 Private Border Regiment 1st Battalion

  • Profile picture for Joseph Martin

    Born 1887

    Died 1966

    British Army 96083 Private Durham Light Infantry 13th Battalion