20 Streets in Portsmouth

20 Streets in Portsmouth

The 20 Streets in Portsmouth project remembers 993 men from the Buckland Streets between New Road and St. Mary's Road who served in the First Wrrld War. 136 of these men lost their lives. They are commemorated on two memorials in St. Wilfrid's Church in George Street. The project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund supported by Portsea Parish, Fratton Big Local, Portsmouth University History Dept and Portsmouth Archives. More information about the project can be found on its Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/20StreetsinPortsmouth/ . This community is currently "work in progress" so not all names have been added yet.

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  • Born 1879

    Royal Navy 190774 Petty Officer HMS Birmingham

  • Profile picture for Frederick Luker

    Born 1867

    Died 1916

    Royal Navy Chief Boatswain HMS INVINCIBLE

  • Born 1877

    Royal Navy 283930 Chief Stoker HMS Iron Duke

  • Born 1874

    Died 1916

    Royal Navy 157887 H.M.S. Ganges

    Royal Navy 157887 H.M.S. Britomart

    Royal Navy 157887 H.M.S. Impregnable

  • Profile picture for William Tracey Witten

    Born 1891

    Died 1919

    Royal Navy 239169 Leading Seaman HMS Hermione

    Royal Navy 239169 Boy 2nd Class HMS Impregnable Training Vessel

    Royal Navy 239169 Petty Officer Mechanic Royal Naval Air Service

  • Born 1882

    Royal Navy Lieutenant

    Royal Navy Chief Gunner

  • Born 1882

    Royal Navy 11116 Royal Marine Light Infantry: Portsmouth Division

  • Born 1870

    Royal Navy Acting Temporary Gunner

  • Born 1872

    Royal Navy 166966 Chief Stoker HMS Southampton

  • Born 1885

    Royal Navy 219765 Petty Officer HMS NEPTUNE

  • Profile picture for Harold Dawson

    Born 1894

    Died 1916

    Royal Navy K17782 Stoker 1st Class HMS QUEEN MARY

  • Born 1892

    Royal Navy M112 Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class HMS Castor

  • Born 1884

    Royal Navy 308615 Stoker Petty Officer HMS Castor

  • Born 1866

    Royal Navy 168474 Officer's Chief Steward HMS Galatea

  • Born 1899

    Died 1916

    Royal Navy J32560 Boy Telegraphist HMS HAMPSHIRE

  • Born 1892

    Died 1917

    Royal Navy M9339 Shipwright 2nd Class HMS BEGONIA (Q10)

  • Born 1877

    Royal Navy 340509 Chief Armourer HMS Agincourt

  • Profile picture for Richard Eves

    Born 1881

    Died 1916

    Royal Navy 201908 Petty Officer HMS Southampton

    Royal Navy 201908 Leading Seaman HMS Southampton

  • Born 1876

    Died 1914

    Royal Navy 165465 Chief Petty Officer H.M.S. "Bulwark"

  • Born 1894

    Air Force (RAF/RFC) 3279