By their own hand

By their own hand

Inspired by the phrase "Death caused by injuries inflicted by own hand" which I first saw in the service record of a soldier who shot himself while serving in India, this community remembers the tormented people who made the decision to take their own lives. It includes some of those who committed suicide while in service, or who did so later due to a war-related reason or illness. The community also includes some of those who attempted suicide. (These people often then found themselves in court, or facing a court martial, because suicide was illegal.) Recognising the sensitivity of the circumstances of the deaths of the people in this community, if any relatives have any issues about the information displayed about individuals, or are unduly distressed by it, please email me.

Created by: Yvonne27542

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  • Profile picture for Cecil John Lawes Harrison

    Born 1895

    Died 1966

    British Army 2326 Private Worcestershire Regiment

    British Army 240435 Private Worcestershire Regiment

    British Army Lieutenant Royal Air Force

  • Profile picture for Archibald Clutterbuck Knee

    Born 1891

    Died 1916

    British Army 29386 Private Gloucestershire Regiment 15th (Reserve) Battalion

  • British Army Captain Royal Army Medical Corps

  • Profile picture for Joseph Whittingham

    Born 1889

    Died 1916

    British Army 5781 Private West India Regiment 2nd Battalion

  • Born 1882

    Died 1918

    Royal Navy Sub-Lieutenant Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve - HMS Tarlair

    Royal Navy Sub-Lieutenant Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

  • Profile picture for George Waith

    Born 1892

    Died 1917

    British Army Private British West Indies Regiment

    Other Empire Force 10582 Private Jamaica War Contingent

  • Died 1918

    Air Force (RAF/RFC) 100913 Air Mechanic 2nd Class Royal Air Force 9th Eastern Aircraft Repair Depot

  • Profile picture for Basil Gordon Nicholas

    Born 1885

    Died 1922

    British Army Captain Lancers

    British Army Captain Lancers 21st Battalion

    British Army Lieutenant Lancers 12th Battalion

  • Born 1880

    Died 1918

    Canadian Expeditionary Force 2013819

    Canadian Expeditionary Force 2013819 Sapper Canadian Engineers

  • Born 1898

    Died 1917

    Other Empire Force Munitions Worker

  • Profile picture for John Shaw

    Died 1915

    British Army R4/068598 Private Army Service Corps Remount Depot

  • Profile picture for William Shearer

    Born 1873

    Died 1918

    British Army S/10660 Private Cameron Highlanders

    British Army 10660 Lance-Corporal Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders 2nd Battalion

  • Born 1895

    Died 1930

    British Army Lieutenant Grenadier Guards

    British Army Acting Captain Grenadier Guards

  • Died 1940

    British Army Trooper King Edwards Horse

    British Army Flying Officer Royal Air Force

  • Died 1916

    British Army 15987 Private Shropshire Light Infantry 1st Battalion.

  • Profile picture for John Coleman

    Born 1890

    Died 1915

    British Army 14575 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 3rd Battalion

  • Born 1893

    Died 1915

    British Army 5145 Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery Forth RGA (TF).

  • Born 1885

    Died 1917

    British Army 92231 Gunner Royal Field Artillery

    British Army 92231 Acting Bombardier Royal Field Artillery

  • Profile picture for John Johnstone

    Born 1895

    Died 1916

    British Army M1/5741 Private Royal Army Service Corps

    British Army M1/5741 Private Army Service Corps

  • Born 1872

    Died 1916

    British Army Major King George's Own Central Indian Horse