"Lions led by Donkeys?"

"Lions led by Donkeys?"

The name and inspiration for this Community comes from a research project at the University of Birmingham. ‘Who were all these generals anyway?’ This question, asked one spring evening at an extra-mural class in Wolverhampton, encouraged John Bourne, of the University's Centre for War Studies, to begin researching the hundreds of Generals who took part in the leadership of the British Army during WW1. Most people interested in the Great War are familiar with the names of a handful of senior commanders: French, Haig, Allenby, Byng, Plumer, Rawlinson. And probably familiar with the questionable verdict that many were ‘donkeys’ who sent their lion-hearted men to brutal deaths on squalid battlefields, the state of which they were culpably ignorant and from whose deprivations they were comfortably remote. But what about the totality of general officers in an army of 60 divisions and two million men? Who were they? How many were there? How were they chosen, promoted and dismissed? A group of researchers set out to discover the answers to these questions under the name of the Abbots Way Research Group. The fruits of this research are now being written up in a book, with contributions not only from John Bourne but also from Simon Robbins, Andrew Godefroy, Bryn Hammond and Professor Peter Simkins. The group has identified 1,257 Western Front generals. This "Lives of the First World War" community will include those on Peter Bourne's list, together with some of the other Generals who led forces in other theatres of WW1. The website for the "Lions led by Donkeys" project is here: https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/research/activity/warstudies/research/projects/lionsdonkeys/index.aspx

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  • Born 1859

    Died 1943

    British Army Brigadier General GOC 150th Brigade

    British Army Brigadier General GOC East Anglian Reserve Infantry Brigade

  • Profile picture for William Riddell Birdwood

    Born 1865

    Died 1951

    British Army Royal Scots Fusiliers

    Indian Army Cavalry Officer 11th Bengal Lancers

    Indian Army

  • Born 1881

    Died 1957

    British Army Captain 1st Dragoon Guards

    Royal Navy Midshipman

    British Army Lieutenant Colonel Black Watch 1/7th Battalion

  • Born 1872

    Died 1941

    British Army Brigadier General East Africa Unattached List

    British Army Lieutenant Colonel Devonshire Regiment

    British Army Lieutenant Colonel Uganda and East Africa Police Police Service Battalion, East Africa Expeditionary Force

  • Profile picture for William George Bertram Boyce, K

    Born 1869

    Died 1937

    British Army Colonel Army Service Corps

    British Army Major General Director of Transport, British Armies in France

  • Born 1862

    Died 1939

    British Army Colonel Temporary Brigadier General CRA 25th Division Artillery

  • Profile picture for Frederick Lionel Banon

    Born 1862

    Died 1950

    British Army Colonel Temporary Brigadier General General Headquarters Staff

  • Born 1874

    Died 1950

    British Army Major Indian Army Infantry

    Indian Army Lt. General

    Indian Army General Director of Supplies and Transport

  • Born 1866

    Died 1932

    British Army Colonel Temporary Lieutenant General Army Medical Service

    British Army Lieutenant Colonel Royal Army Medical Corps

    British Army Lieutenant General DG, Army Medical Services

  • Born 1870

    Died 1949

    Australian Imperial Force Brigadier General CRA, Australian Corps

    Australian Imperial Force Major General Chief of the Australian General Staff

  • Born 1877

    Died 1963

    British Army Captain Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 8th argyll and Battalion

    British Army Bt Lieutenant Colonel 12th Cavalry

    Indian Army Major 12th Cavalry Awarded a D.S.O. in the 1915 Birthday Honours

  • Born 1865

    Died 1947

    British Army Temporary Lieutenant Colonel 11th Lancashire Fusiliers

    British Army Colonel Temporary Brigadier General 11th Lancashire Fusiliers

    British Army Brigadier General GOC 12th Infantry Brigade

  • Born 1880

    Died 1952

    British Army Major and Brevet Lieutenant Colonel/Temporary Brigadier General Highland Light Infantry/Commands and Staff

    British Army Lieutenant Colonel Highland Light Infantry 2nd Battalion

    British Army Lieutenant Colonel North Lancashire Regiment 9th Battalion

  • Born 1868

    Died 1915

    British Army Major General Rifle Brigade Staff Commandant 9th Scottish Division

    British Army Brevet Colonel Rifle Brigade 4th Battalion

    British Army Brevet Colonel (temp Major General) Rifle Brigade Staff

  • Born 1861

    Died 1917

    British Army Colonel Army Auxilliary Corps

    British Army Colonel (temporary Brigadier General) Deputy Inspector-General of Communications, BEF France

    British Army Brigadier General Commandant, Rouen Base

  • Profile picture for Herbert Vaughan Cox

    Born 1860

    Indian Army Lieutenant General Military Secretary to the India Office

    Indian Army General Military Secretary to the India Office

    Indian Army Brigadier General GOC 29th Indian (Ghurka) Brigade

  • Profile picture for Philip Walhouse Chetwode

    Born 1869

    Died 1950

    British Army Lieutenant General GOC Desert Mounted Corps, Palestine

    British Army Brigadier General GOC 5th Cavalry Brigade

    British Army Major General 2nd Cavalry Division

  • Profile picture for Alfred James Whitacre Allen

    Born 1857

    Died 1939

    British Army Brigadier General 94th Infantry Brigade

    British Army The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)

    British Army Brigadier General 74th Infantry Brigade, 25 Division

  • Profile picture for William O'kell Holden Dodds

    Born 1867

    Died 1934

    Canadian Expeditionary Force Lieutenant Colonel Canadian Artillery

    Canadian Expeditionary Force Brigadier General Canadian Artillery CRA, 5th Canadian Division Artillery

  • Born 1868

    Died 1950

    British Army Lieutenant Colonel/Temporary Brigadier General Royal Garrison Artillery