Kathleen Preece's Autograph Book

Kathleen Preece's Autograph Book

This little book was found among the belongings of a childless couple when their house in North Bradley, Wiltshire, England was cleared after their deaths. Where there is enough information, Life Stories of people named in the book have been collected in this community. The inscription inside the cover of the Autograph Book suggests Kathleen was given the book as a Christmas gift in 1911. Included in it are a number of entries from her friends and some watercolours of flowers, dated before and during wartime (some are undated). There are also several where the person identifies themselves as a serving soldier, also her brother George, serving in the Royal Marine Light Infantry – each of these has a Life Story in this community. Redlands No.4 War Hospital is clearly named on two entries, suggesting Kathleen volunteered there before the QMAAC was formed in early 1917. The hospital took over the buildings of Redlands School in 1915. Please see the Life Stories of Kathleen Preece and her husband, Ivor Holloway for more details of their lives.

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  • Profile picture for Ernest L Kendrick

    British Army TF/2611 Private Royal West Kent Regiment

    British Army 203575 Private Royal West Kent Regiment

  • Profile picture for Ernest A Bird

    British Army 21368 Private King's Shropshire Light Infantry

    British Army 34625 Private South Lancashire Regiment

  • Profile picture for Daniel A Laming

    British Army L/9110 Private The Queen's Regiment

    British Army L/9110 Serjeant The Queen's Regiment

  • Profile picture for Thomas W Hopkins

    British Army 24170 Corporal Royal Army Medical Corps

  • Profile picture for George Preece

    Born 1897

    Royal Navy 17370 Royal Marine Light Infantry: Portsmouth Division

  • Profile picture for Kathleen Bertha Preece

    Born 1890

    Died 1962

    British Army 7628 Worker Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps

  • Profile picture for Thomas Henry Watters

    Born 1891

    Died 1916

    British Army 1295 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1/6th Battalion-Territorial.

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    British Army 218702 Sapper Royal Engineers

    British Army WR/262831 Sapper Royal Engineers

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    British Army 60478 Driver Royal Field Artillery

  • Profile picture for Claude Richard Tapley

    British Army 9752 Private Wiltshire Regiment

  • Profile picture for Robert Mitchell

    Born 1894

    Canadian Expeditionary Force 6251

  • Profile picture for Stanley Andrew Harvey

    Born 1895

    Died 1946

    British Army S4/122565 Private Army Service Corps

  • Profile picture for Ivor Max Holloway

    Born 1897

    Died 1986

    British Army 107519 Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

    British Army 311544 Sapper Royal Engineers