Saxlingham Nethergate Church and Village Memorials

Saxlingham Nethergate Church and Village Memorials

This community has been set up to remember the men either from the parish of Saxlingham Nethergate or who were connected to it in some way. The church roll of honour lists the names of men connected to the village. The village war memorial is unusual as it also lists men who fought in the war but who returned safely to the village at the end of it.This community also includes men who were listed as absent voters in 1918 and 1919 but whose names are not on the war memorial. Saxlingham Nethergate Parish also includes Saxlingham Thorpe, Foxhole and Saxlingham Green. Information for this community can also be found at

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  • Profile picture for Tom Charlish

    Born 1892

    Died 1918

    British Army 30911 Private Bedfordshire Regiment

  • Profile picture for Frederick Baker

    Born 1895

    Died 1917

    British Army 14690 Private Norfolk Regiment 7th Battalion

  • Profile picture for Sydney Rushmore Waters

    Born 1890

    Died 1918

    Australian Imperial Force 7815 Australian Infantry 11th Battalion

  • Profile picture for Bertie George English

    Born 1888

    Died 1918

    Canadian Expeditionary Force 651604

    Canadian Expeditionary Force 651604 Private Canadian Infantry 18th Battalion

  • Born 1899

    Died 1969

    British Army 965821 Private Tank Corps

  • Born 1887

    Died 1916

    British Army 14142 Private Norfolk Regiment

  • Born 1887

    Died 1915

    British Army L-1289 Private Lancers

    British Army 1289 Private 12th (Prince of Wales's Royal) Lancers

  • Born 1888

    Died 1972

    British Army 44746 Gunner Royal Field Artillery

  • Born 1893

    Died 1970

    British Army 16736 Corporal Norfolk Regiment 7th Battalion

    British Army 16736 Corporal Norfolk Regiment

    British Army 16736 Private Norfolk Regiment 7th Battalion

  • Born 1886

    Died 1981

    British Army 1755 Corporal Norfolk Regiment

    British Army 200121 Corporal Norfolk Regiment

  • Born 1895

    Died 1950

    British Army TS-10223 Driver Army Service Corps

    British Army Army Service Corps 3rd Field Ambulance

  • Profile picture for Ernest Emms

    Born 1892

    Died 1975

    British Army 1756 Private Norfolk Regiment

    British Army 200122 Private Norfolk Regiment

  • Born 1898

    Died 1971

    British Army 2644 Private Royal Army Medical Corps

  • Born 1891

    Died 1981

    British Army 12073 Private Devonshire Regiment

  • Born 1878

    Died 1964

    British Army 20928 Private Essex Regiment

    British Army 593916 Private Labour Corps

  • Born 1891

    Died 1962

    British Army 98027 Shoeing Smith Royal Horse Artillery

  • Born 1874

    Died 1957

    British Army 4239 Corporal Norfolk Regiment

  • Profile picture for Charles Sydney Hamond

    Born 1879

    Died 1918

    British Army 33872 Private Cheshire Regiment

  • Born 1883

    Died 1949

    British Army 6051 Private Norfolk Regiment 1st Battalion

    British Army 6051 Corporal Norfolk Regiment 1st Battalion

  • Born 1883

    Died 1955

    British Army TS-7765 Driver Army Service Corps