Names mentioned within the Programme of Variety Concert on Friday and Saturday, 18th and 19th May 1917. On board the Theatre Ship "Gourko." By kind permission of Vice Admiral Sir Doveton Sturdee, Bart., K.C.B., K.C.M.G., C.V.O., and Captain Henry Wise Parker, C.B., R.N. President - Commander F.A. Beasley, M.V.O. Managing Director - Lieut-Commander B.P. MacMahon. Musical Director - Mr. W.E. Faithfull, B.M., R.M. Stage Manager - Yeo Sigs. A.H.Pasch. Assist. Stage Manager - Wm. Lovelock A.B. Hon. Secretary - S.E.Massey, First Writer. Property Master - G.McKenzie, Shipwright. PART 1. 1. Selection - Orchestra "Theodore and Co." 2. Serio Comic - Ship's Cpl. Kelley "I want to mingle with the girls" 3. Comedy Duo - Smn. F. Tennant/Mus. F.Ede "There ought to be music in every home" 4. Light Comedy - Musician Green "There's a friend in every milestone" 5. Hawaian Love Song - Ldg.Sto.Bridgewater "Yaaka-Hula-Hickey-Dula" 6. Ballad - S.S.A. Worthy "Till you return again" 7. Love Duet - 1st Wtr. Massey/Ship's Cpl. Kelley "When you're mine, When I'm yours" 8. Manx Comedian - A.B. Lovelock "I.O.M." INTERVAL OF TEN MINUTES PART II. 9. Vocal and Musical - Pianoforte Selection, Musician Jackson Violin Solo, Cpl. Hinton, R.M.B. Song "Mate-O-Mine" Schmr. Morgan 10. Comedian - Carp. Crew Rick "Dance with your Uncle Joe" 11. Dramatic Scena - Yeo. Sigs. Pasch "Fagin's Last Night Alive" (From Oliver Twist). Music by Band Cpl. Hinton, R.M.B. 12. Chocolate Coon - S.S.A. Worthy "They called it Dixieland" 13. Light Comedy - Musician Ede "What happened in the Summer Time" 14. Love Song - Ldg. Sto. Newell "Light of your Love" 15. Immobile Comedian - A.B. Lovelock "I played on my Concertina" 16. Droll Comedian - Seaman Tennant "Did you see the crown in Piccadilly" GOD SAVE THE KING. ----- Currently unable to identify Musician Jackson and Schmr. Morgan -----

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  • Royal Navy 200622 Yeoman of Signals HMS Benbow

  • Born 1881

    Died 1935

    Royal Navy Captain

    Royal Navy Commander

  • Born 1892

    Royal Navy K8761 Acting Leading Stoker HMS Hercules

  • Born 1886

    Royal Navy 219171 Able Seaman HMS Hercules

  • Born 1886

    Died 1963

    Royal Navy 122 Bandmaster Warrant Officer Royal Marines Band Antwerp 1914

    Royal Navy 122 Bandmaster 1st Class Drake Battalion, Royal Naval Division Mesopotamia, wounded

    Royal Navy Bandmaster Warrant Officer H.M.S. "Benbow" Jutland

  • Born 1893

    Royal Navy 1251 Corporal Royal Marine Band

    Royal Navy 1251 Band Corporal Royal Marines Band - HMS Hercules

  • Born 1893

    Royal Navy J58675

  • Born 1889

    Royal Navy M11191 Ship's Stores Assistant HMS Hercules

  • Born 1875

    Died 1940

    Royal Navy Admiral

    Royal Navy Commander HMS LION

    Royal Navy Captain HMS BENBOW

  • Born 1882

    Royal Navy Captain

    Royal Navy Commander

    Royal Navy Lieutenant-Commander

  • Born 1887

    Royal Navy 345171 1st Writer HMS Hercules

  • Born 1881

    Royal Navy 346094 Joiner HMS Benbow

  • Profile picture for Frederick Charles Doveton Sturdee

    Born 1859

    Died 1925

    Royal Navy Vice Admiral

  • Born 1892

    Royal Navy K7653 Acting Leading Stoker HMS Hercules

  • Born 1887

    Royal Navy 222879 Ship's Corporal 1st Class HMS Hercules

  • Born 1896

    Died 1960

    Royal Navy 1864 Musician Royal Marines Band - HMS INFLEXIBLE

  • Born 1890

    Royal Navy M1772 Leading Carpenter's Crew HMS Hercules

  • Born 1888

    Died 1974

    Royal Navy 702 Royal Marines Band

    Royal Navy 702 Bandmaster 2nd Class HMS Hercules