Holkham Norfolk

Holkham Norfolk

Men from Holkham in Norfolk who came home. There is also a Community for those on the War Memorial. Details of Holkham in WW1 and Roll of Honour can be found at https://www.holkham.co.uk/downloads/exhibitions-duty-calls-2014.pdf

Created by: Alison2583

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  • Profile picture for George Edwin Barnes

    Born 1896

    Royal Navy J19245

  • Profile picture for Arthur R Bell

    Born 1887

    British Army 85666 Sapper Royal Engineers

  • Profile picture for Arthur John Barnes

    Born 1900

    British Army GS/81481 Private Royal Fusiliers

  • Profile picture for William Sydney Sizeland

    Born 1889

    Died 1956

    British Army 5965 Private Gloucestershire Regiment

    British Army 1097 Private Norfolk Regiment

    British Army 267203 Private Gloucestershire Regiment

  • Profile picture for William Vincent

    Born 1895

    British Army 15353 Corporal Norfolk Regiment

  • Profile picture for John Freezer

    Born 1899

    Died 1978

    British Army A/205492 Rifleman Private King's Royal Rifle Corps Depot

  • Profile picture for Stanley G Lockwood

    Born 1898

    British Army 311162 Private Warwickshire Yeomanry

    British Army 164749 Private Machine Gun Corps

  • Profile picture for Thomas Miles Bloomfield

    Born 1884

    Royal Navy 208681

  • Profile picture for Arthur William Lockwood

    Born 1896

    Air Force (RAF/RFC) 205570

  • Profile picture for James William Bircham

    British Army 23935 Private Royal Defence Corps 61st Prot Coy

  • Profile picture for Sidney William Barnes

    Born 1895

    British Army 37357 Private Gloucester Regiment

  • Profile picture for Herbert Sidney Sibary

    Born 1898

    British Army Captain 32nd Sikh Pioneers

  • Profile picture for Alfred Haylett

    Born 1888

    British Army 2967 Private City of London Yeomanry

    British Army 166014 Private Machine Gun Corps

  • Profile picture for Hubert Viner Lack

    Born 1876

    Died 1956

    British Army 2069 Royal Fusiliers 30th Reserve 24th Section Battalion

  • Profile picture for Robert Herbert Churchill

    Born 1887

    Died 1957

    British Army T4/058349 Royal Army Service Corps 2nd Depot

  • Profile picture for Cecil Layne Bocking

    Born 1897

    Died 1956

    British Army 205996 Private Devonshire Regiment

  • Profile picture for John Ford Sizeland

    Born 1874

    Died 1961

    British Army 3/10447 Private Norfolk Regiment

  • Profile picture for Vilet Albert C Sizeland

    Born 1897

    Died 1973

    British Army T1009 Private Norfolk Regiment

    British Army M/404495 Private Army Service Corps

  • Profile picture for Alfred Zeal

    Born 1881

    Died 1957

    British Army 90536 Royal Garrison Artillery 11th Anti Aircraft Mobile Battery

  • Profile picture for Harold Wyndham Hebditch

    Born 1898

    British Army 9503 Private Norfolk Regiment

    British Army P 14207 Private Military Foot Police