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You can search for any term, name or place in the search box.

You can choose to filter your results by Person, Community or Story:

Screenshot showing search options

Or you can search the whole catalogue and either press Enter on your keyboard or the search icon on the right of the search bar.

You will then be able to use the filters on the search results page to hone your search. You can filter on People, Community or Story –

A person is a page of information about an individual, and can include facts, anecdotes and images.

A Community is a group of people who have something in common, from names on a local war memorial, to members of the same family.

A Story is a piece of text written about a person. This ranges from transcripts of letters and diaries, to family anecdotes and newspaper reports.

You can also filter on Rank, Unit, Contribution and Country.

You can choose to view the results in a grid view or list view by selecting one of the buttons at the top.

The search results are in order of relevance.

Advanced Search

The search is an OR search so will search for every word you have entered.

To search for a phrase or specific term with multiple words you can enter it using quotation marks.