16154 Thomas Dunn

16154 Thomas Dunn

known 9th July 1916

16154 Pte Thomas Dunn. 7th Yorkshire regiment (Green Howards) KIA Mametz Wood 09/07/1916. Thomas was from Horden in Durham, and was entitled to a 15 star trio. No papers survive for Thomas so I have had to rely on the war diaries for information. I know he enlisted in Sunderland and is remembered on the memorial at St Mary's Church Durham. He is also remembered on Thiepval Memorial. Quotes from the diaries: Following their disastrous day on 1st July the 7th Bn Green Howards were now brought back into the line to assist with attacks on Quadrangle Support Trench. On 8th July at 0700 hours they were part of an attack launched on Quadrangle Alley. This was beaten off by machine gun fire and a second attack was ordered for 1750 hours. This was also beaten off. As the Battalion Diary remarks: The mud in the trench was over the men’s knees & they soon became very exhausted but continued to move forward. Within a few hundred metres the men were too tired to put in a spirited attack. Yet another attack was ordered for 0015 hours on the 9th and this met with a similar fate. The Diary this time points out that the: Stokes Guns unable to participate, ground too soft & muddy to allow suitable emplacements being made. 7th Green Howards War Diary A night attack using bayonets was now planned for 2320 hours but some of the other units attacked before the given time and this alerted the German Front Line. Some success was to come though in the small hours of 10th July as the 38th (Welsh) Division on the right pressed home an attack of their own. The Germans began to retire along the 17th Division’s front. The last few patrols of the 7th Green Howards that night found the German front line abandoned. At 0100 hours they handed over their new position to the 8th Bn Lincolnshire Regiment. 9/7/16 12.15am A third bombing attack on the junction of QUADRANGLE ALLEY & QUADRANGLE Support Trenches after bombardment lasting 1 hour & 15 minutes failed. The enemy machine guns again holding up the attack from different positions. Stokes Guns unable to participate, ground too soft & muddy to allow suitable emplacements being made. A night surprise attack suggested with artillery support. 11.20pm C Coy with Capt AJW BARMBY in command ordered to attack once more the junction of QUADRANGLE ALLEY & QUADRANGLE Support. This attack to be with the bayonet over the open and stops were ordered to be formed in QUADRANGLE ALLEY & WOOD Support. Bombing parties to work down QUADRANGLE Support & join hands with 51st Bde working in the opposite direction. Sappers detailed to make strong point at junction if attack succeeded while C Coy held stops. Attack again failed partly caused by 51st Bde on the left beginning the assault before C Coy & giving the alarm to the enemy in front. Brigade ordered no further attack to be made. Division however ordered another attempt & then countermanded it. Capt BARMBY wounded & Lt. GD MacINTYRE missing, believed killed.

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    Died 1916

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