Obituary of Robert Hind, printed in the Macclesfield Times on 27 October 1916

Obituary of Robert Hind, printed in the Macclesfield Times on 27 October 1916

known 27th October 1916

“A BOY WITH A MAN’S HEART” KILLED AFTER 18 MONTHS’ HARD FIGHTING – Yesterday Mr R W Hind, 34 Beech Lane, head schoolmaster at the Macclesfield Certified Industrial School, received a wire from the War Office informing him that his eldest son, Private Robert Lewis Hind, Cheshire Regt, was killed in action in France on September 25th. About a fortnight ago Mr Hind received a letter from Lance-Corporal A Sherratt, a Macclesfield man in the same platoon, stating that Private Hind was buried by the explosion of a German shell. He assisted to dig him out, when it was found that he was badly wounded, and also helped to carry him to the dressing station, where he left him unconscious. Lance-Corporal Sherratt enclosed in his communication some photographs found in Private Hind’s possession, and added, “we never heard him complain; he was always cheerful and bright under all circumstances.” Another letter came from Lance-Corporal Sherratt yesterday,: “I have made inquiries about your son Robert and find that he died whilst being placed in the ambulance. I have several little things belonging to him, which I will save for you; they will be something in memory of your boy – a boy with a man’s heart… Private Hind was born in Macclesfield 19 years ago and received his education at Christ Church School. Prior to the war he was an engineering apprentice at Stockport. Immediately on the outbreak of hostilities he endeavoured several times to enlist, but was refused on account of his youth, being then only 17. Eventually, in August 1914, he entered the Cheshire Reserve, and after six months’ training at Birkenhead and other places, volunteered to join two different drafts. As he was under 18, he was not accepted. When a month over 18, he volunteered again for the third draft and was allowed to go out, in April 1915. Since that date he has never had a leave… Private Hind had taken part in many big engagements, including the battles of Ypres and Hill 60. He was a machine gunner. The deceased soldier was a good athlete and was a member of the Macclesfield branch of the YMCA. His death is a severe blow to his parents and friends…

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    Born 1897

    Died 1916

    British Army 10637 Private Cheshire Regiment 1st Battalion