Obituary of John Worsley, printed in the Macclesfield Times on 4 May 1917

Obituary of John Worsley, printed in the Macclesfield Times on 4 May 1917

known 4th May 1917

A GOOD HONEST SOLDIER – YOUNG SIGNALLER’S DEATH IN FRANCE Mr and Mrs William Worsley, 42 Thomas St, have received new of the death in action in France of their son, Signaller John Worsley, Cheshire Regt. The sad tidings were conveyed in letters from the adjutant and a comrade, Private A W Harrison… a Macclesfield man… [who wrote]: We had been great pals out here; in fact we had been together since enlistment… Jack was a good pal to me and a good honest soldier… I am too upset to say anything more.” Signaller Worsley was 21 years of age and a native of Macclesfield. He was educated at Duke St Day School and was connected with the Parish Church and the Large Sunday School. He was formerly employed as an embroiderer at Councillor A W Hewetson’s Mill, St George’s St. He enlisted just over two years ago, and after training at Bedford and other places was drafted out to France last September. He participated in the Somme fighting… His father is in the Royal Defence Corps and at present is engaged on guard duty at Banbury. He is an old soldier and went through the South African campaign, for which he holds the King’s and Queen’s medals. He had served seven years prior to the outbreak of the present struggle, when he was called up as a reservist. He is 46 years of age and formerly was employed at Messrs Armstrong & Whitworth’s, Manchester.

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    Born 1895

    Died 1917

    British Army 3228 Private Cheshire Regiment

    British Army 49365 Private Cheshire Regiment 1st Battalion