The Tournament teams

The Tournament teams

11th June 1913

Portsmouth Evening News Thursday 12 June 1913, page 2 THE TOURNAMENT TEAMS. A COMPLIMENTARY DINNER Tho two Portsmouth crews who won the Naval inter-port competition at the recent Tournament at Olympia, were, on Wednesday evening, entertained at a complimentary dinner by the ship's company of Whale Island (H.M.S. Excellent, tho gunnery establishment at Portsmouth). The gathering took place at the Air Balloon Hotel, Kingston-crescent. Mr. Wroe presided over a large gathering, the principal guests being Lieut. Bennett and Lieut. Sillem, the officers in command of the two teams. The after dinner proceedings were chiefly of a social nature, but there were a few speeches. The toast of Captain and Officers was submitted the Chairman and drunk with enthusiasm, Lieut. Bennett and Lieut. Sillem responding. The former complimented the petty-officers and men of both teams on their success, and added that all through he had never had to find a fault with a single man in either of them. He also complimented Chief Petty Officer Russell on the very able manner in which he had assisted the officers and instructors in the training, concluding by proposing a vote of thanks to him. This was agreed to with cheers, and Chief Petty Officer Russell suitably replied. Instructors Hollamby and Gillingham also replied. During the evening songs were contributed Lieut. Dennett and Messrs. Cousins, Harrison, Webb and Mann. A song and dance by Mr. Gillingham, and duet by Able Seaman Webb aud Lee were among the contributions. [The Royal Navy Field Gun Competition was a part of the Tournament from 1907 onwards]

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