Whale Island's Canteen under "Teddy" Wroe

Whale Island's Canteen under "Teddy" Wroe


An article from the Hampshire Telegraph on 01 July 1927, concerning the Royal Navy's possible intention to bring all canteens under the control of NAAFI, quotes an ex-HMS Excellent resident. In 1906 the Login Committee held an investigation into corruption in naval canteens and the cause: the result was that they were moved under the Navy and Army Canteen Board (NACB). However: "Special exceptions were made in the cases of Whale Island and the Royal Marines when the system of the NACB started. At that time [1906] Whale Island canteen was under the management of the late "Teddy" Wroe; he was the un[?] canteen king of the Island. And he deserved to be! I passed through the Excellent when her canteen was as corrupt as it could be: "Teddy" Wroe, pensioned from sea service, was made [illegible] chief, and a good deal of the corruption as applied to the canteen and in other directions at once ceased. That was his reputation; he took an infinite interest in canteen affairs and their straight running. His reward came when he took his [position?] and was placed in sole charge of the Whale Island Canteen. Obviously if the Login recommendation was to be universally applied Mr Wroe would have to go - or if he remained it would be as manager to the tenant who had been earmarked to take over the offices under the new system. But he had long established himself in the affectionate regard of every officer and man connected with the Gunnery School and they generally objected to his being either [stripped?] or dispossessed of his position. Therefore, it was agreed that Whale Island should stand out of the new system as long as Mr Wroe lived or remained manager of the canteen, the tacit understanding being that when he went Whale Island would come under the system [of the Login recommendation]. When the NACB came into existence Mr Wroe was still there and things went as heretofore."

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