Presentation to CPO Wroe

Presentation to CPO Wroe

known 25th April 1898

An interesting presentation took place on parade on Monday morning at Whale Island. In the presence of the whole of the ship's company Capt. Adair, on behalf of the seamen of HMS Excellent, presented Chief Petty Officer George Wroe with a miniature of the marching competition shield which the Excellent's team won at Browndown last year. This challenge shield was won by the Excellents in 1895-6-7. Mr Wroe trained the team, and the replica of the shild was an acknowledgement of his efforts in that direction. The miniature shield is of silver, with a black background, and stands some ten or twelve inches high. It bears an inscription to the effect that it was presented to Mr Wroe for his energy and zeal. The inscription on the shield reads: "Browndown Rifle Meeting Portsmouth Times Challenge Trophy Presented by the proprietors of the "Portsmouth Times" to encourage practice in marching & field firing Open to teams of all services in the Southern District 1895 HMS Excellent 172 hits 1895 HMS Excellent 174 hits 1895 HMS Excellent 174 hits --- Presented by the Seamen of HMS Excellent to George Wroe CPO GI To whose energy & zeal for the credit of the establishment they attribute in a very large measure the successes which are recorded as above on the original of this miniature."

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