No 10 Squadron's first death in action

No 10 Squadron's first death in action

known 21st September 1915

After coming to England with a Canadian regiment, Caws transferred to the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) in February 1915 and, on training as a Pilot, was posted to No 10 Squadron, one of the first units to form as the RFC expanded as part of the British Army. With his Observer, Lt W H Sugden-Wilson, 2Lt Caws was out on a recconnaissance sortie on the morning of 21 September 1915 when they were attacked by two Fokker aircraft and shot down. (The 'kill' is attributed to Leutenant Max Immelmann, one of the early German 'Aces.') Caws was hit and his Observer attempted to gain some control of the aircraft before it crashed at Vimy Ridge. Caws did not survive and was 10 Squadron's first death in action. Sugden-Wilson was badly injured, but he survived as a POW.

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    Born 1879

    Died 1915

    Canadian Expeditionary Force 1908

    Canadian Expeditionary Force Second Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps of Canada