Killed in Action, possibly by friendly fire.

Killed in Action, possibly by friendly fire.

15th September 1915 - 1st October 1916

Archie volunteered for service overseas with the Canadian armed forces during the First World War. On 15 Sept 1915 at the Niagara Camp, Ontario, he made his original attestation with the 76th Battalion (but transferred later to the 24th battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force). Two days later he had a medical and was declared fit for service. Aged 34 years and 11 months he was 5’3” tall, with a 34-37” chest. Archie had fair hair and complexion, and blue eyes. He was then sent to join the 76th at Georgetown. The 24th Bn CEF had already crossed to France before Archie joined up, so it is assumed he crossed to France with others from the 76th Bn and then joined the 24th Bn. If that is correct he would have embarked with the 76 Bn at Halifax, N.S. on 25 April 1916. They crossed the Atlantic on the Empress of Britain reaching England on 5 May 1916. On 1 Oct 1916, the day that Archie Warren Beard died at the Battle of the Somme, the 24th Battalion was positioned close to Courcelles. Archie was a company runner. He had just delivered a message to Battalion Headquarters and was making his way back to the front line. He was last seen by a non-commissioned officer, but the official report on his death gives no details of the actual circumstances by which he died. Military historians consider that there are strong probabilities that he was killed by “friendly fire”, or in modern terms “a blue on blue” incident. The official war log of his battalion states that repeatedly the allied artillery shells were falling short of the enemy lines, and it was causing serious damage to Canadian troops in the allied trenches. At first Archie was reported missing, changed later to killed in action. Archie’s body was never found, so he has no known grave. He is commemorated on the Vimy Memorial in France, close to where he fell; on the cenotaph in Victoria Park, Halton, Ontario; and on a family memorial stone.

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    Born 1881

    Died 1916

    Canadian Expeditionary Force 142261

    Canadian Expeditionary Force 142261 Private Canadian Infantry

    Canadian Expeditionary Force 142261 Private 76 Bn and 24 Bn