Cheltenam Looker-On, "Lieutenant Geoffrey Dyett Abbott (O.C.)"

Cheltenam Looker-On, "Lieutenant Geoffrey Dyett Abbott (O.C.)"

Lieutenant Geoffrey Dyett Abbott (O.C.), 1st Connaught Rangers, who was killed at Laventie, in France, on November 2nd. The following is the substance of letters received from officers of his Regiment: - "A certain Indian Regiment being hard pressed, the nearest company to them of the Connaught Rangers (Abbott's) was sent to their assistance. The Company came under heavy fire at close range and lost seven killed and thirty-one wounded. Abbott was twice sent back and brought up reinforcements, being wounded the second time. When crossing for the third time to have his wound attended to, he was shot dead. A week previously his Company had had a night attack and captured three German trenches; becoming isolated, they had some difficulty in getting back. The senior Major wrote that Abbott had behaved with pluck and coolness in a critical situation. His Company received the congratulations of two general officers. It was also written that he held the admiration and affection of all his comrades, of his old Company (E) in particular, who would follow him anywhere."

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    Born 1891

    Died 1914

    British Army Second Lieutenant Connaught Rangers

    British Army Lieutenant Connaught Rangers 1 Battalion