Drowned at sea in home waters

Drowned at sea in home waters

known September 1918

in September 1918, Allfree lost his life whilst in command of HMML 247; A four boat flotilla of Motor Launches had entered St Ives Bay for shelter during a strong southerly gale, which rapidly escalated to hurricane force winds. In the eye of the storm,the Motor Launches started engines and tried desperately to work their way into deeper water. Allfree’s launch developed engine trouble, one mile off Clodgy Point and started to drift helplessly towards Oar Rock. The St. Ives’ lifeboat raced to reach the stricken ship, but arrived minutes too late by which time the launch had blown up on impact with the rock, presumably as its depth charges detonated. There was only one survivor.

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    Born 1889

    Died 1918

    Royal Navy Royal Naval Division

    Royal Navy Lieutenant Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve - H.M. Motor Launch 247.