Transcript of Court of Enquiry

Transcript of Court of Enquiry

Source: Court of Enquiry: 22956/1918 2/Lieut. A.G. Achurch. The Court are of the opinion that: 1) The officer in charge of Night Flying should not have allowed any more machines to take the air when he had received the information from the Pilots that the clouds were so low, and that he himself should have tested the air again, or stopped night flying altogether. The Court consider that the clouds were too low for inexperienced Night Pilots to be sent up. ii) The machine caught fire through the burning Holt Flares which were fitted to the tail Booms and they consider that had they been fitted to the Wing tips, no fire would have resulted from the crash, and the Pilot's life in all probability saved. iii) The Pilot, 2nd Lieut. Achurch, was killed in an Aeroplane accident, in attemting to land after losing his way.

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    Born 1889

    Died 1918

    Air Force (RAF/RFC) 91106 Royal Flying Corps

    Air Force (RAF/RFC) Second Lieutenant Royal Air Force