With the Scottish Women's Hospital at Kragujevac, Serbia

With the Scottish Women's Hospital at Kragujevac, Serbia

February 1915 - April 1915

In February 1915 Augusta joined the Scottish Women’s Hospitals as a nurse and with nine others was sent to Serbia to bolster the SWH unit already at Kragujevac,. The unit which had arrived there in December 1914 was originally intended for 100 beds, but already it had expanded to 300, half for the wounded the rest for fever patients. Kragujevac was a key military point near Belgrade and close to the fighting. Kragujevac itself was really one huge sprawling hospital. The magnitude of the disaster was everywhere, thousands of men and civilians were scattered in buildings all over the town . The need for doctors and nurses was crucial if the Serbs were to have any chance of fighting on.... broken limbs, gangrene, frostbite and open infected wounds were just some of the conditions endured by the men. Many lay dying with no medical help. Unfortunately things were set to get worse with the outbreak of typhus, and by February 1915 Serbia was in the grip of a huge epidemic. Sadly Augusta died of typhus on the 6th of April. She was not alone as the unit suffered the loss of orderly Madge Fraser and nurse Louisa Jordan. Augusta was originally buried in Kragujevac but after the war her remains were reburied in the Chela Kula Military cemetery at Nis along with other British casualties.

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