The Battle for Mametz Village and Dantzig Alley.

The Battle for Mametz Village and Dantzig Alley.

At 7.30am the 7th City Battalion, the 22nd Manchester's, passed through their old lines, the air was still thick with debris and choking chalk dust, thrown up by the detonation of the Bulgar Point mine, "B" Company were on the right, and "D" Company on the left. Although a number of German front line posts had been blown in by the detonation of the mine, the defence of Mametz village and Dantzig alley were still capable of being undertaken by machine gunners whose deep dug - outs, further back, had protected them during the barrage. Nevertheless, within thirty minutes of the attack starting, small parties of the 22nd Manchester's were entering Bucket Trench. For the 22nd Manchester's their first objective had been taken in twenty five minutes. After taking Bucket Trench, the 22nd Manchester's moved on to Dantzig alley, entering it by 8.15am. The objective was Fritz Trench, however it proved impossible even to hold onto Dantzig alley and the 22nd Manchester's fell back, having found many determined defenders emerging from unscathed dug - outs there and in face of a German counter attack from the direction of Fritz Trench. At 10.00am a further bombardment of Dantzig alley, Fritz Trench, Bunny alley triangle was ordered but to little effect, the few men managing to get into Dantzig alley being quickly repulsed by counter attacks. By 1.30pm the 22nd Manchester's reinforced by "D" Company of the 21st Manchester's were in occupation of Dantzig alley. Ten minutes later, by 1.40 pm the 2nd Queen's were in Fritz Trench and bombers of this battalion and the 22nd Manchester's began to clear west and north towards Bright alley and Valley Trench, taking more than 75 prisoners in the process. A great number of casualties, was suffered by the Manchester's. The attack on Mametz village and Dantzig alley left the 7th City Battalion with more casualties than any other Manchester Pals unit on the 1st of July 1916. The battalion had suffered almost five hundred casualties this day. The battalion's diary record's show that eighteen of the officers were casualties, ten being killed. Amongst the men 472 were casualties, 241 wounded, 111 missing and 120 killed. The 7th City Battalion had ceased to exist in any recognizable form.

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