A letter home from Wynne

A letter home from Wynne

18th February 1915 - 18th February 1915

"I have my habitation in a small farm about 500 yards behind our trenches; here I stay day and night, and, being connected by telephone with my Battery, I can give them the word to open fire immediately I see anything happening in front or get word from the Infantry... The old Germans certainly have been a bit more on the move lately, and I only wish they would do something to waken things up a bit; we had quite a good 'battue' the other night, when they made an attack in strength on our line; it only lasted an hour, but I was jolly nearly deaf at the end of it; I think we alone (132nd) managed to give over 200 rounds in that space of time."

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    Born 1891

    Died 1915

    British Army Cadet University of London Officer Training Corps

    British Army Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery (Special Reserve)

    British Army Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery 132nd Battery