CWGC additional information

CWGC additional information

14th November 1914

" 1st Earl of Kandahar, Pretoria and Waterford. Born at Cawnpore, India. Privy Counsellor. Son of the late Gen. Sir Abraham Roberts, G.C.B., and the late Lady Roberts; husband of the late Countess Roberts, C.I., R.R.C., of Englemere, Ascot, Berks. Educated at Eton, Sandhurst and Addiscombe. Commissioned to the Bengal Artillery (Dec., 1851); served throughout the Indian Mutiny 1857 (V.C.); and the Abyssinian (1867-68) and Lushai (1871-72) Expeditions. Also served in the Afghanistan Campaign (1878-80) and Commanded the Kabul-Kandahar Field Force Aug.-Sept., 1880. Commanded the Forces in Ireland (1895-99); Commander-in-Chief in the South African War (1899-1900). Commander-in-Chief in India (1885-93) and at Home (1901-04). Master Gunner of St. James' Park and Colonel-in-Chief of Overseas and Indian Forces in the United Kingdom during the Great War."

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    Born 1832

    Died 1914

    British Army Field Marshall Royal Artillery

    British Army Field Marshal General Staff