Family Stories

Family Stories

15th December 1915 - 15th December 1915

He was the son of William and Elizabeth Gough, of 5, South Street, Ferryhill, County Durham. My grandfather Samuel saw George off from Ferryhill Station, County Durham, and always said he had a feeling that he would never see his brother again. By a twist of fate George's Sergeant on the fateful day, eventually turned out to be my father Thomas' sister Lily's husband Joseph Handy's aunt Elizabeth (Bessie) father Edward (Ted) Handy, if that makes sense. The story he told my mother was that George gave his gas mask to a young, soldier during the fateful gas attack. It was strange standing beside George's grave and seeing so many young men buried beside him and wondering if one of them was the soldier George gave his primitive gas mask.

Created by: Eric5786

  • Born 1880

    Died 1915

    British Army 17868 Private Durham Light Infantry