Obituary of John Thomas Cleaver, printed in the Macclesfield Times on 10 August 1917

Obituary of John Thomas Cleaver, printed in the Macclesfield Times on 10 August 1917

known 10th August 1917

TWO SONS KILLED - POPULAR YOUNG SOLDIER'S DEATH Mr and Mrs J T Cleaver, 2 Coronation St, Macclesfield, have been officially notified that their third son, Private John Thomas Cleaver, Manchester Regt, has died in hospital from wounds sustained in action in France. A War Office telegram received stated: "Regret to inform you O.C. 47 General Hospital Le Treport telegraphs 4th August 352525, Private J T Cleaver, Manchester Regt, died on a date not stated from gunshot wound, left knee."  A previous intimation stated that Private Cleaver was dangerously wounded, and the matron of the hospital wrote to say he was not improving as they could wish and he was considered to be seriously ill. Later the Matron wrote: "I cannot tell you how grieved I am to have such tragic news for you. Everything happened so suddenly. The loss of your son will, I fear, be a tremendous shock to you. The operation was in the morning, when it was found absolutely necessary to amputate his leg. Your son was in a state of collapse afterwards, but seemed to pick up after all that was done to revive him. Then he became much worse again and nothing did him any good. He will be buried in the English Military Cemetery here at Treport and his few personal belongings will be forwarded to you in due course. He has been such a good, brave boy through his illness that I cannot tell you how we shall miss him and how deeply we sympathise with you in your great loss." A native of Macclesfield, Private Cleaver was only twenty years of age. He was educated at the Centenary and London Road Branch day schools, and attended the Bourne Primitive Methodist Chapel and Sunday School, Byron Street. Prior to joining the Army, the deceased soldier was employed at Messrs White's Dyeworks. He was a well-known local footballer, and at one time played for Byron Street Football Club. He was also a keen fisherman. Private Cleaver responded to the call just over twelve months ago, being drafted out to France from Colchester seven months later. This is the second bereavement Mr and Mrs Cleaver have suffered during the war, another son, Private Harry Cleaver, Cheshire Regt, having been killed in action at Gaza on March 26th. Only one son now remains in the Army, namely Private James Cleaver, who has been serving with the Cheshires in Egypt for over two years. A pathetic circumstance of Private J T Cleaver's death is that he was fully expecting to be sent back to England.

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    Born 1897

    Died 1917

    British Army 352525 Private Manchester Regiment 2/9th Battalion