The Last Days.

The Last Days.

known 4th October 1918

The very last actions undertaken by any of the Pal's units during the war were those made by the 20th and 21st Battalions during their service with 7 Brigade of the 25th Division. By the end of September, having been transferred from their service with the 7th Division in Italy, the men were marching through Millencourt and Henencourt west of Albert. On the 1st of October the men past through Guillemont, though very few members of the two Battalions recognized it as their old stamping ground of 1916, en route for Beaurevoir and Pouchaux. Here they attacked on the 4th of October and subsequently on each of the four successive days. During this period of German retreat the casualties suffered by these two Battalions throughout the period of October and November were substantial and included more than two hundred fatalities as well as over six hundred other casualties. The 20th Battalion alone lost eighty one killed in action, together with twenty seven missing and two hundred and twenty three wounded in October. Twenty two of these wounded would die later from their wounds. It was a time of mobile and intense fighting, and the contrast with the relative static and peaceful sojourn experienced during their stay in Italy could not have been more marked.

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