'The Pillbox' by Edmund Blunden

'The Pillbox' by Edmund Blunden

PILLBOX (by Edmund Blunden): “Just see what's happening, Worley.”- Worley rose And round the angled doorway thrust his nose, And Sergeant Hoad went too. to snuff the air. Then War brought down his fist, and missed the pair! Yet Hoad was scratched by a splinter, the blood came, And out burst terrors that he'd striven to tame. A good man, Hoad, for weeks. “I'm blown to bits.” He groans, he screams. “Come, Bluffer, where's your wits?” Says Worley. “Bluffer, you've a blighty, man!” All in the pillbox urged him, here began His freedom: “Think of Eastbourne and your dad.” The poor man lay at length and brief and mad Flung out his cry of doom; soon ebbed and dumb He yielded. Worley with a tot of rum And shouting in his face could not restore him. The ship of Charon over channel bore him. All marvelled even on that most deathly day To see this life so spirited away. Edmund Blunden was an Officer in Sergeant Hoad's battalion, 11th (1st South Downs) Royal Sussex. Could this be an account of his death? He is the only Sgt Hoad in this battalon.

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    Born 1888

    Died 1916

    British Army SD/429 Serjeant Royal Sussex Regiment 11th (1st South Downs) Battalion