'On the morning of 6th August 1915 Private B.D. Johns and Private J.M. Morrison with Private Roper were the only men of 2nd Lieut. Prockter's assaulting party not killed or wounded in the 1st assault on the portion of Leane's Trench captured by the enemy. They fired rapidly and steadily at the Turks successfully entering the trench when after a short interval they also disappeared into the trench. Each time they fired they had to stand up and expose themselves to a hail of bullets when they may have laid behind the parados in comparative safety. Their action was cool and gallant to a degree. They were 6th and 7th reinforcements only lately joined the Battalion. Both were killed'. Benjamin,s Brother Private 763 William Albert John enlisted in the AIf, returning to Western Australia December 1918. Another brother, in Wales, Thomas Butler John also possibly served in WW1.

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    Born 1888

    Died 1915

    Australian Imperial Force 2153 Private Australian Infantry 11th Infantry Battalion