Bedford Modern School - Eagle Magazine extracts

Bedford Modern School - Eagle Magazine extracts

The Bedford Modern School Eagle is published three times a year, and reports on the activities of the "Old Boys" of School. As such it is a mine of information on the lives and times of the men contained in this community. In addition this community includes all OBM profiles that have written stories on thier profile.

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  • Profile picture for Eric Raymond Crummie

    Born 1896

    Died 1944

    British Army 30157 Corporal Bedforshire Yeomanry 1st Battalion

    British Army 897 Private Bedfordshire Yeomanry

    British Army M/398219 Private Army Service Corps

  • Profile picture for William Henry Adkin

    Born 1899

    Died 1952

    British Army 194648 Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

  • Profile picture for George Henry Gray

    Born 1881

    Died 1915

    British Army R5819 Private King's Royal Rifle Corps 2nd Battalion

  • Profile picture for George Frederick Jenkins

    Born 1898

    Died 1975

    British Army S/236857 Private Army Service Corps

    British Army SS/1856 Serjeant Army Service Corps

  • Born 1875

    Died 1959

    British Army Captain Royal Indian Marine

    Other Empire Force Commander Royal Indian Marine

  • Profile picture for Ralph Douglas Hendry

    Born 1898

    British Army 53028 Corporal Canadian Infantry Battalion/Western Ontario Regiment

  • Born 1883

    British Army 5482 Warrant Officer Class 1 Royal Engineers

  • Born 1895

    Died 1985

    British Army 11332 Private Gordon Highlanders 4th Battalion

  • Born 1901

    Died 1960

  • Profile picture for John Bansel Brickdale

    Born 1894

    Died 1917

    New Zealand Expeditionary Force 12/1899 Private Auckland Infantry Regiment 1st Battalion

  • Born 1877

    Died 1953

    British Army Major Indian Medical Service

  • Profile picture for Claud Ambrose Proctor

    Born 1891

    Died 1917

    Canadian Expeditionary Force 103163

    Canadian Expeditionary Force 103163 Private Canadian Infantry

  • Born 1883

    British Army Reverend Royal Army Chaplain's Department

  • Profile picture for Frank Pentelow

    Born 1889

    Died 1915

    British Army 959 Private Northamptonshire Yeomanry

  • Born 1867

    Died 1963

    British Army Lieutenant Colonel/Temporary Colonel Army Pay Department

  • Born 1881

    Died 1948

    British Army Major Royal Garrison Artillery

    British Army Captain Royal Garrison Artillery 46th Company, Royal Garrison Artillery

    British Army Lieutenant Colonel Royal Garrison Artillery

  • Profile picture for Osmond Lake

    Born 1894

    Died 1917

    British Army 5283 Private Honourable Artillery Company

  • Born 1866

    Died 1953

    Indian Army Commander Royal Indian Marine

  • Born 1879

    Died 1952

    British Army 51200 Private Manchester Regiment

    British Army 10/15243 Private Training Reserve Battalion

    British Army 042072 Private Army Ordnance Corps

  • Profile picture for Daniel Ponting

    Born 1887

    Died 1917

    Air Force (RAF/RFC) 7350 Air Mechanic 2nd Class Royal Flying Corps