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  • Profile picture for Bertram Nottingham

    Born 1898

    Died 1967

    British Army 2016 Gunner Royal Field Artillery 553rd Howitzer Battery

    British Army 875730 Gunner Royal Field Artillery 553rd Howitzer Battery

  • Profile picture for James Arthur Nottingham

    Born 1891

    Died 1916

    Canadian Expeditionary Force 114857 Canadian Infantry 9th Canadian Mounted Rifles - The North Saskatchewan Regiment

    Canadian Expeditionary Force 114857 Private Canadian Mounted Rifles 5th Battalion

  • Profile picture for Albert Levick

    Born 1880

    Died 1942

    British Army 1907 Coldstream Guards

    Air Force (RAF/RFC) 319 Major Acting Lieutenant Colonel

  • Profile picture for John William Ledger

    Born 1892

    British Army 96534 Royal Army Medical Corps 20th Company

    British Army Sergeant Royal Army Medical Corps

  • Profile picture for Allan Noel Minns

    Born 1891

    Died 1921

    British Army Major Royal Army Medical Corps

    British Army Lieutenant Royal Army Medical Corps 39th Field Ambulance

    British Army Captain Royal Army Medical Corps

  • Born 1898

    Died 1981

    British Army 106819 Driver Royal Engineers

    British Army 106819 Private Royal Engineers

  • Born 1889

    Died 1918

    British Army Royal Army Chaplains' Department Attached to 5th Dorsetshire Regiment

    British Army Chaplain 4th Class Royal Army Chaplain's Department

  • Profile picture for William John Kybird

    Born 1885

    Died 1917

    British Army 4112 Private Suffolk Regiment

    British Army 40521 Private Suffolk Regiment

  • Born 1873

    Air Force (RAF/RFC) 280948

  • Born 1893

    Air Force (RAF/RFC) 135147

  • Profile picture for John Edward Lock

    Born 1896

    Died 1991

    British Army 2085 Private Norfolk Regiment

    British Army 72109 Private Norfolk Regiment

    British Army 5764668 Private Norfolk Regiment

  • Born 1889

    Air Force (RAF/RFC) 163916

  • Born 1882

    Died 1914

    Royal Navy 12162 Private Royal Marine Light Infantry: Chatham Division

  • Born 1872

    Air Force (RAF/RFC) 261673

  • Born 1882

    Air Force (RAF/RFC) 297421

  • Born 1897

    Air Force (RAF/RFC) 39567

  • Profile picture for Benjamin Sidney Barrett

    Born 1893

    Died 1954

    British Army 22337 Private Norfolk Regiment

  • Born 1877

    Air Force (RAF/RFC) 288158

  • Profile picture for Edward Martin Panter-Downes

    Born 1873

    Died 1914

    British Army Captain Royal Irish Regiment 2nd Battalion

    British Army 2nd Lieutenant Royal Irish Regiment

    British Army Lieutenant Royal Irish Regiment

  • Profile picture for Joseph William Cox

    Born 1898

    Died 1918

    Air Force (RAF/RFC) Second Lieutenant Royal Air Force No.7 Training Depot Station